CHHUM AVOCATS (Paris, Nantes, Lille) - Assignment of Frédéric CHHUM to the Paris Bar Council (2019 - 2021)


Maître Frédéric Chhum, founder and partner of CHHUM Avocats, was elected member of the Council (membre du conseil de l'ordre) of the Bar Association of the Paris Bar (term 2019-2021).

For the year 2019, the assignments of Maître FRÉDÉRIC CHHUM to the Council of the Paris Bar Association (conseil de l'ordre des avocats de Paris)  are as follows:
. Delegate to links with social courts
. Member of the Conflict of Interest and Incompatibilities Committee
. Member of the Ducroire commission, succession and fees
. Member of the Committee on Relations with litigants
. Member of the Committee on Relations with the Social Courts
. Member of the Committee of Relations with Zen prud'hommes
. Member of the Plenary Committee of Ethics
. Member of Judging Panel No. 3
. Member of the Communication Commission
. Member of the Equality Commission
. Member of the Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Commission
. Member of the Collaboration Committee.
. Member of the committee Difficulties of exercise in collaboration (DEC) - Commission for the settlement of difficulties of exercise in salaried collaboration and request for requalification (SDR)
. Member of the Reform and Modernization Commission
. Member of the Perquisitions Commission


CHHUM Avocats (Paris, Nantes, Lille) has 5 lawyers working in labor law (3 lawyers at the Paris Bar, 1 lawyer at the Nantes Bar and now 1 lawyer at the Lille Bar).

CHHUM AVOCATS defends employees (dismissal protests, overtime, moral or sexual harassment, discrimination, etc.)

It is also classified as "excellent" in the ranking "Décideurs 2019" in the "Defense of employees" category.

CHHUM Avocats intervenes in French and international labour / employment law and assists in particular employees, intermittent entertainers, artists, journalists (requalification of CDD in CDI) as well as executives, executives, expatriates and impatriates.

The firm CHHUM Avocats has developed expertise in the defense of Anglo-Saxon employees working in France and in the departure negotiations of these employees.

The Cabinet also defends staff representatives, shop stewards, unions, works councils and CHSCT.

CHHUM AVOCATS pleads before all courts (Labor Court, Court of Appeal, High Court, Criminal Court, TASS).

Source: Organization chart 2019 Paris Bar

Maître Frédéric CHHUM
CHHUM AVOCATS (Paris, Nantes, Lille)
4 rue Bayard 75008 Paris
Tel: 01 42 56 03 00


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