Moral harassment: 2 employees of a Parisian cabaret obtain the judicial termination (résiliation judiciaire) of their employment contracts (CA Paris, November 4th, 2020) - Live Show  - Cabaret - French Employment law


For Ms. Y, by judgment of November 4, 2020, the Paris Court of Appeal (for referral):

. Orders the company the Bal du Moulin Rouge to pay Madame Y the following sums:
. 10,000 euros in damages for non-compliance with the safety obligation;
. 2,000 euros for moral harassment;
. Announces the judicial termination of the employment contract to the wrongs of the company Le Bal du Moulin Rouge, on November 4, 2020;
. Holds that the judicial termination, as a result of acts of moral harassment, has the effects of a null dismissal;
. Orders the company the Bal du Moulin Rouge to pay Mrs. Y the following sums:
19,042.56 euros gross for the compensation in lieu of notice;
1,924.25 euros gross for the related paid leave;
17,068.48 euros net for legal severance pay;
40,000 euros as compensation for unlawful dismissal;
3,000 euros on the basis of article 700 of the Code of Civil Procedure;
. Holds that interest at the legal rate is due from September 18, 2014 on severance indemnities and on sums allocated as compensation, from this decision;
. Orders the company Le Bal du Moulin Rouge to issue Ms. Y with a summary salary slip, a work certificate and an employment center certificate in accordance with this decision;
. Holds that in the absence of voluntary surrender within one month of the delivery of this judgment, the company will be required to do so under penalty of 50 euros per day of delay and per document, for a period of 90 days;
. Condemns the company Bal du Moulin Rouge at the expense of these appeal proceedings.

To read the full Article, click on the link below.,38289.html
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