French Employment laaw - Senior executive - a manager obtains the production of the anonymized pay slips of his executive and senior executive colleagues (CPH Longjumeau June 13rd 2022)


In an order dated June 13, 2022, the conciliation and guidance office of the labor council of LONGJUMEAU (management section) orders the company Saint Gobain Glass France to produce the anonymized payslips of executive and senior executive employees.

The judgment is not final.

The order of the Labor Court of Longjumeau

In this case, the industrial tribunal considers that the resolution of the dispute requires the provision of the documents requested by Mr. X in order to verify that the three cumulative conditions are met to confer on him the status of senior executive defined by Article L. 3111-2 of the Labor Code below:

“Senior executives are not subject to the provisions of Titles II and III.

Senior managers (cadres dirigeants) are considered to be managers who are entrusted with responsibilities whose importance implies a great deal of independence in the organization of their timetable, who are empowered to take decisions in a largely autonomous manner and who receive remuneration who are in the highest levels of the remuneration systems practiced in their company or establishment. "

But given that the communication of an employee's personal data by his employer is subject to Article 28 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with the exception of the case where the recipient of the data is an authorized third party who acts within the framework of a particular investigation mission in application of a legal or regulatory provision;

Executive payslips should be anonymized to comply with the GDPR.

Consequently, the Conciliation and Orientation Office of the Labor Court of LONGJUMEAU, ruling in public session, by contradictory decision:

- orders S.A. company Saint Gobain Glass France, in the person of its legal representative, to provide Mr. X with the anonymized payslips for the months of December 2019, December 2020 and December 2021 of all company executives, including senior executives;

- orders S.A. company Saint Gobain Glass France taken in the person of its legal representative, in order to allow verification of the number of executives and therefore the number of payslips communicated, to provide Mr. X with a list of all executives, including executives company officers;

All subject to a penalty of 50 euros per day of delay and per document from the thirtieth calendar day of notification of this order until the delivery of the last document; STATES that the Council reserves the power to liquidate the penalty payment.

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